It’s no secret that in the web development industry everything is changing constantly with rapid speed. If you follow the new trends then you most likely seen the growth and fall of numerous technologies. In this article, we’ll look at trends in Web Development in 2018.

Javascript is everywhere

One of the most popular languages is JavaScript, the language has an opportunity to become a universal language (The dream of all developers). Universality will be driven by the community, now it’s the biggest and fastest-growing ecosystem in the world. Nowadays desktop, mobile, server and all kind of applications can be and commonly written in Javascript. Javascript was initially created for the web so we can see the biggest applicability there.

According to the report Stack Overflow since 2017, JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language - 62.5%.

Artificial intelligence is more accessible

Artificial Intelligence has left the realm of science fiction technology and confidently ranked among the top 10 trends in web development in 2018. Large companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon are heavily investing in the development of AI. The cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services provide a lot of services which can help businesses already today. As CTO of AWS Werner Vogels highlighted on the AWS Innovate 2018 that they will make AI services more accessible for Developers, not only the Computer scientists. That will allow small companies to empower their applications with AI and make them smarter.

VR and AR

Web development trends VR and AR Two years have passed since the virtual reality market was officially launched. It is definitely evolving and opens up new opportunities for realizing VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) technologies. In 2018, the VR / AR market is likely to affect the world of web design and development even more tangibly, as technologies supporting VR and AR become more accessible to ordinary users.

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